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Musica Elettronica Viva – Message [BYG Records]
The Rainbow Band – Song of the Navajo [Elektra]
Toto Bissainthe – Rasanbleman [Arion]
F. Berlipp – Exotischer Urwald [Selected Sound]
Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra – Brazilian Sun [Saturn Research]
Jan Johansson – Generalens Dröm [Sveriges Radio]
J. J. Jackson’s Dilemma – Indian Thing [Perception Records]
Clear Spot – Psycho’s Blues [Duophonic Super 45’s]
Emanative – Ominous Shanti [Home Planet Recordings]
Freddie Love – Crazy Girl [ANLA Records]
Aaron “Chico” Bailey & The Family Affair Band – The Point [Kris Records]
Soul Primers – I Can’t Resist (Part 2) [Honeycombs]
Jerry Hansen – Sisi Me [Makossa]
The Challengers ‎– Let’s Swim [Thula]
Frank Zappa – Little Umbrellas [Bizarre Records]
Ill Considered – Unknown [Unreleased]
Centipede – Septober Energy [RCA]
Phil Ranelin – Black Destiny [Hefty Records]
Jac’s Group feat. Charlie Mariano – Zirkus [Horo Records]
Som Imaginario – Armina [EMI]
Paternoster – Blind Children [Ohrwaschl Records]
Pan & Regaliz – Today It’s Raining [Dimensión]
Fifty Foot Horse – Fantasy [Limelight Records]
Little Barrie – I.5.C.A. [Non-Delux]
The Fall – Shake-Off [Artful Records]
Giorgio Gaslini – Death Dies [Cinevox]
Giuliano Sorgini – Wandering Man [Sonimage]
Issam Raggi – Yamoul Abaya Alkassab [Music For Pleasure]
Photek – Hybrid [Science]
Beats R Us ‎– Clear And Present Danger [Artistic Vinyl Recordings]
Mad Style – Run [Moon Roof]
Sons Of Sam – Ooh He Got An Afro [Workshop Records]
Showbiz & A.G. ‎– Bounce Ta This [Payday]

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