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Fopchu – The Undulating Brood Swing [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Fopchu – Roomie Blues [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Fopchu – Chapel O Fopalop (Ft. Father G-Cuz) [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Jamblu (feat. SISTER) – HabibiLovesRaves [Unreleased]
Corridors – Where Are You [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Corridors – 700 Rupees [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Hedrun – Pankhi (feat. Barmer Boys) [TAABIIR]
MALFNKTION & Shayan – Charlie sheen [Independent]
SHALLWE – Association of Comfort [Independent]
Salty prawn – Fallen Villian [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Salty Prawn – Water vs Light [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Salty Prawn – Blue Room [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Yung.raj – talkabtyu [Independent]
Salty prawn – Nature Behave [Boxout.fm Recordings]
Phatcowlee – chino [Consolidate Records]
Peter Cat Recordings Co. – There’s no love here [Independent]
Pardafash – Dark chocolate [Azadi Records]
Karun Ramani – Snacks (feat. Zafar Ansari)
Tienas – Queen’s Necklace [Azadi Records]
Anoop – fml [Independent]
Disco Puppet – princess this – Hhhh (Intro) Live version [Consolidate Records]
Profound – Miko [Independent]
Echofloat – darkness [Independent]
Dutty Deedz – Assasin’s Riddim [Skip-A-Beat]
Zokhuma – Shatter [Independent]
Ramya Pothuri – summer [Independent]

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