Ear To The Ground: Jay Phelps with Robert Mitchell ‐ Worldwide FM

Ear To The Ground: Jay Phelps with Robert Mitchell


Canadian born trumpeter, composer, band leader, educator and writer – Jay Phelps presents ‘Ear to the Ground’ on Worldwide FM.


Listen now Tracklist

Gabriele Pribetti – Starts with you

Leo Pesci-SUR

Lewis Daniel-WHY ME

Yoni Mayraz – Snow

Jansen Santana- So Shy

Robert Mitchell-Mambo Influenciado

Quite Sane-Short Stories

James Beckwith-Topimpa

Esstate-CATCH ME

Made Kuti-Free Your Mind

Roseland En Why Cee- Spud’s Web

Phil meadows-Trashlantis

Robert Mitchell – Interview Part 1

Robert Mitchell- Third Stream

Robert Mitchell – Interview Part 2

Robert Mitchell-Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble 

Jackson Mathod – DUMB PEOPLE

4Hero – Golden Solitude

Hefner-Dive Into You (IG Culture New Sector Movements Remix)

EVM128 – Warm  n  Easy feat Oliver Night

Jay Phelps- I’ve Got A Crush On You (Prod Cengiz, ft Mhari Aurora)