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My name is Rafael Bou Lemus, better known as El Individuo, a Cuban rapper from Havana. My show is a walk through the current affairs of rap in Cuba, everything that is happening right now on the scene, giving some information about each artist, always from my opinion and my vision as part of this movement.

I am the founder of El Espacio, which is a platform created by us in Cuba with the aim of promoting a dialogue between Cuban rap and the international community. Many of the songs in this program were recorded right here in El Espacio. The show is completely directed by me and under the direction of Dariel Cabrera, one of the artists belonging to our project.

Greetings from Cuba and I hope you enjoy it.

Listen now Tracklist

 El Funky – La Peste.          

 Papagoza feat El Funky – Coñó


  El Individuo feat JD Asere y Dj Lapiz – Se va Complicando

JD Asere – Pa mí

  El Individuo – Dale Taller

  Papagoza – Listo

DJ Lápiz – Frente a ti

 Cepe MC – Kien soy

Black Soul – Diario

 Alexey El Tipo Este – Regla Sound Sistem

Alexey El Tipo Este – Sin protocolo

 Elephanto – Rapear en tiempos revueltos

El Continuo – Lenguas

Bárbaro El Urbano Vargas – Del Down