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Esa Presents HAAi & Dur-Dur Band


A monthly show by London based South African, Esa Williams presents friends, sounds from his travels and new discoveries.

This month Esa is joined by the rulers of Mogadishu’s disco scene since the 80s, Dur-Dur Band. They will talk about their unique sound which encompasses funk and disco, with influences of soul.

Esa will also be joined by Worldwide FM resident HAAi. They will be talking about her Phonox residency that Esa will be taking over from next month.


Listen now Tracklist

Ophelia – Strike [Viking Productions]
Zazou – Munipe Wa Kati [Crammed Discs]
Sea Bee – Thiba [Afrosynth]
River Yarra – Sli Ggogg [Antinote]
Esa – London Mix (Beesment Soundsystem) [Endless Flight]
LFO versus F.U.S.E – Loop [self-released]
Sound Stream – Live Goes On [Sound Stream]
SHMLSS – Ayvali [Oye]
Reich – Drumming (Patrice Baumel remix) [De:cca]
Dur-Dur Band – Jaceyl Mirahiis [Analog Africa]
Dur-Dur Band –  Yabaal [Analog Africa]
Bakaka – Unknown [unknown]
Dur-Dur Band – Hiyeeley [Analog Africa]