Sathima Bea Benjamin – Nomzamo (Mother Of A Nation) [Enja Records]
Peak Time Boys – Court Dance [Edits des Amateurs]
Dayme Arocena – Como (Esa’s Havana Dub) (played at 33+8 rpm) [Brownswood Recordings]
Kufuki – Torobayashi In Dub (Japan Blues Excursion) [Les Editions Japonais]
Keysha – Stop It! [STROOM]
Albinos – Mokele Mbembe (played at 33rpm) [Astral Soda]
Joe Armon-Jones – Mollison dub [Brownswood Recordings]
Moodyman – Pitch Black City Reunion [KDJ]
Nu Guinea – Nuova Napoli [NG Records]
Prince – 17 Days [Warner Bros Records]
Manyane – Thabong (Frankie Francis Bubblegum Dub) [Soundway Records]
Ozias – Money Money [Mambo Music]
Phil Stroud – The Turk [Unreleased]

// Eclair Fifi Mix //

Yoshio Suzuki ‎– Morning Picture [Attic]
Keysha – Stop It! [STROOM]
Aldano – Perchi [Public]
Andi Hanley – Burt [Rong Music]
Alexander O’Neal – Hearsay ’89 (Percapella) [Tabu Records]
Dorian Concept – Tropical Hands [Affine Records]
DJ OK & Rasputin – Aquazoo [Banoffee Pies]
Dario Dell’Aere ‎– Eagles In The Night [Market Records]
Tchok – Swalufu [Versatile Records]
Ann-Marie – With Or Without You (Original Little Louie Vega & Todd Terry Dub II Mix 12″ Mix) [Sleeping Bag Records]
Anchorsong – Gyotens Kalimba (Wa Wu We Simplification) [Tru Thoughts]
OOFT – Sweet Ladies [Midnight Riot Recordings]
Samo DJ – Grasshopper [Unreleased]
String Theory – Con Moto [Rhythm Section International]
Joe Armon-Jones – Starting Today [Brownswood Recordings]

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