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Esa Presents Nick Williams


Fortnightly show by London based South African, Esa Williams presents friends, sounds from his travels and new discoveries.

For this show, Nick Williams of Phonica Records and Meda Fury record label joins Esa in the studio to share music from his travels, conversations and forthcoming exclusives.

Listen now Tracklist

Love Soldiers – Liquid Ice [Disques Vacances] // Unknown] // France
Diva – La Nuit [Cactus Records] // France
Yola – Akendengue [NTYE] // France
Claude Vamur – Leve Mwen [Melodie Distribution] // France
Diblo Dibala, Matchatcha – Minuit (Special Dance) [2D Prod] // France
Gilles Floro – Kalin’ [Spiritual] // Haiti
Patrick Saint – Eloi – Zoukamine [Sonodisc] // France
Mother Tongue – Message Is Love [Furious Fish Records] // UK
Shuichi “Ponta” Murakima – Padang Rump [Better Days] // Japan
Joakim – Camino De La Luna [Permanent Vacation] // France
Claude Rodap – Paco [Rush Hour Music] // Martinique
Codfather – Funky Munnings [Deep Cover] // UK
Lena d’Agua – Tao [Strangelove] // Portugal
Jolly Discs – Visions (JTG Versions) [Unknown] // UK
C.K – Lock Off [Unknown] // Unknown
Sad City – Fuses Jam [Unreleased] // Unknown
Lady Blacktronika – Mummy Bells [Unreleased Meda Fury] // Germany
Dj Seinfeld – I Saw Him Kiss Her In Front Of Me And I Was Like Wtf? [Unreleased Meda Fury] // Spain
Peter de Havilland – Shaku [Venture Records] // UK
Aragon – Horridula [HMV Record Shop] // UK