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Sounds of Resistance With Ethiopian Records


Endeguena Mulu is one of the leading lights of Ethiopia’s electronic music scene.

Ethiopian Records mixes traditional and contemporary sounds and rhythms with the techniques and tools used in electronic music to create something he calls Ethiopiyawi Electronic, something that is trying to be eternally Ethiopian and African.

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Etenesh Girma – Enqutatsh [Unknown]

Ethiopian Records – Running Shoes (1432R) [Ethiopian Records]

Conversations from Haile Gerima

Fasil Megistu – Fukera/Shelela [Unknown]

Conversations from Akala

Conversations from Haile Gerima

Gigi – Adwa [Palm Pictures]

Ethiopian Records (Embi)

Conversations from Haile Gerima

Mikael Seifu – The Upper Truth [Unknown]

Conversations from Akala

Muqata’a – Takhatur | تخاطُر [Unknown]

Muqata’a – Asfal Masloob أسفل مسلوب [Third Type Tapes]

Melody Gardot – Who Will Comfort Me [Universal Music]

Lowkey – My soul [Mesopotamia Music]

Conversations from Akala

Tanya Tagaq – Retribution [Six Shooter Records]

Conversations from Haile Gerima

Kamau – PohLease [Atlantic Records]

Al Nather – 2 [Unknown]

Conversations from Akala

Ana Tijoux – Somos Sur (feat. Shadia Mansour) [Nacional Records]

Frere Malkhom – Kami Maam [GIIN WA KAII]

The Government – Rattex Ft. Ben Sharpa [Pioneer Unit Records]

Immortal Technique – The 3rd World [Viper Records]

Gotan Project – El Capitalismo Foraneo [XL Recordings]