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Francis Inferno Orchestra & Fantastic Man Present Superconscious Radio


London-via-Melbourne DJ and producer Francis Inferno Orchestra presents a monthly two hour show, loosely based around his Superconscious record label.

This show was recorded on a warm summer’s afternoon in Melbourne, Australia, in friend Chico G’s studio on his Condesa Rotary mixer. FIO brings in fellow Superconscious founder Fantastic Man for 2 hours of everything from dreamy meditations, voodoo body music to whatever-wave – mostly oddities picked up while on holiday in Australia.

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Listen now Tracklist

Francis Inferno Orchestra
Klaus Netzle – Dawn [Wergo] // Germany
Serge Bulot – Euryale [Sonimage] // France
Ewan Jansen – Soprano Cocktail [Unreleased] // Australia
Brian Bennett – Earthborn [Bruton Music] // UK
Rubaja & Hernandez – Indian Woman [Windham Hill Records] // US
Geoff Bastow – Tomorrow’s City [Bruton Music] // UK
Ivory Playground – Soh [Wergo] // Germany
Queen – In the Death Cage (Love Theme reprise) [EMI] // UK
Cube – When Men Go Insane [Casablanca] // Italy
FIO – Oasis (Erotikk Mix) [Superconscious] // Australia
Scotch Disco Band – Primitive Man [EMI]
Bruno Spoerri – Saucers Over Montreux [Gold Records] // Switzerland
Ceramic Hello – Footsteps In The Fog [Mannequin Records] // Canada
Moral Fibro – Take A Walk In the Sun [Efficient Space Australia] // Australia

Fantastic Man
Woo – Awawaw [Unknown] // Unknown
Billy W – Flutter (Soft Rocks Naked Mix) [Kinfolk] // UK
Boykaye 94 – Ethno Groove (New Age To Boykaye) [P&P] // Italy
45 ACP – Stage Clear [Russian Torrent Versions] // US
DJ Fett Burger – No-No 4B [Club No-No] // Norway
Larry Leaba – The Family Butter [Proibito] // US
Telephones – Extropikalia [Unreleased] //
The Other World Collective – Artificial World [Peacefrog Records] // UK
Good News – Australia [CNR] // Netherlands