Francis Inferno Orchestra presents Superconscious Radio with Millú // 07-03-17 // 4-6PM GMT

First broadcast date: 7 March 2017

London-via-Melbourne DJ and producer Francis Inferno Orchestra presents a monthly two hour show, loosely based around his Superconscious record label.

This month FIO bring along rising Melbourne DJ Millú with a show based around soundtracks for the recently discovered Trappist Solar System.

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The Harmonic Choir – Rainbow Voice [Ocara] // France
Chateau Flight – Superflight [Versatile Records] // France
Jon Keliehor – Perneter II [Invisible Inc] // UK
Deep Forest – 1716 [Sony BMG] // Russia
Double Fantasy – Children Of The Universe [Innovative Communication] // US
Arnee And The Terminators – Environment News [Epic] // Australia
Bene Gesserit – Femmes Aux Yeux d’Argile [Dead Mans Curve] // UK
Shock – Dream Games [RCA] // UK
Telex – My Time [Sire] // US
Space – Magic Fly [Vogue] // France
Smith n Hack – Falling Stars [Smith N Hack] // France
Mic Mills – Inner Jungle [Costal Haze] // UK
Harold Budd – A Real Dream Of Sails [Opal Records] // UK
Kylie Minogue – Falling [Deconstruction] // UK & Europe
Shoebox – Where To Go [Shoebox (2)] // Netherlands

Millú Guestmix

Michael Stearns – Toto I’ve A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore [Continuum Montage] // US
Le Mystere – On The Beaty (Dub) [Buzz] // Belgium
Atom Heart – Motherboard [Rough Trade Records GmbH, Our Choice] // Germany
Mappa Mundi – Trance Fusion [USA Import Music] // Belgium
Drexciya – Habitat Of Negative [Tresor] // Germany
Nacht Plank – Shepherd Satellite [..txt] // UK
The Arc – Something Wonderful [Inter 1 Records] // UK
Vernon Felicity – Soul Shadow [Midlight Records] // Netherlands
Rings Around Saturn – Aeolian [Analogue Attic Records] // Australia
Phenomyna – Into The Other World [Applied Rhythmic Technology] // UK
Oskarova Fobija – Mayan Spacecraft [Discom] // Germany
Konstruktivists – New York [Klanggalerie] // Austria
Rising Sun – Haze (Blind Mix) [Sublime Records (3)] // Japan
Fondation – Le Bal De Grâce [Tago Mago] // France

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