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Frogressive Beats with Bufiman


Bufiman (AKA Wolf Müller and Jan Schulte) is a producer and DJ from Dusseldorf, who has released countless records under various aliases.

Frogressive beats documents his never-ending quest for organic, lubricious grooves and invigorating sounds without genre restrictions. Every episode, he presents his original ‘edit of the month’ and ‘weird tune of the month’.

This month’s show is inspired by Chick Corea’s very influential early fusion-jazz work. Dedicated to fusion, jazz-rock and jazz-funk.

Listen now Tracklist

Wolf Müller – Frogressive Fusion Intro

Chick Corea – Windows – Atlantic

Serra Leoa – O Lua E – Tintas Coral

Embryo – Music Of Today – Buk Records

Max Roach – Absolutions – Atlantic

Lonnie Smith – Babbitt’s Other Song – Lester Radio Corp / La Grande Storia

Release Music Orchestra – Atlantis – Brain

The Stone Alliance – Mujeres Sud Americanes – PM

Jan Reimer – Point Of No Return – Pläne

David Earle Johnson & Jan Hammer – Hip Address – CMP

Weather Report – Mr. Gone

Kraan – Sarah’s Ritt Durch Den Schwarzwald – Brain

Shivananda – Little Big Man – Gnome Records

Hans-Jürgen Hufeisen & Georg Lawall – Träumer – Abakus

Pili Pili – Post-Scriptum – Jaro

Baden Powell – Consolocao – MPS

Baltik – No Registration, Please – CBS

Vollmond Jazz – Sambamba – Jazzhaus Musik

Daniel Lentz – Lascaux – Icon

Eberhard Weber Colours – Bali – ECM

Johnny Hammond – Starborne – Salvation

Placebo – Humpty Dumpty – MOV


The Chris Hinze Combination – African Rapness – Keytone

Triangulus – Sirius A – Silence Records

Wolfgang Dauner – Changes – Mood Records