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Future Bounce Takeover with Sola


South London based producer and vocalist Sola takes over this month’s Future Bounce to present a Black Womxn special. Sola’s unique vocal delivery takes inspiration from the likes of Sade and Nina Simone, along with production-drenched with R&B flavours reminiscent of Timbaland or Pharrell. For two hours Sola journeys though her inspirations.


Listen now Tracklist

ex Amor – 100 Angels

Veda Black – Only You

Keiyaa – Negus Poem 1 & 2

Kaiya Crawford – Tired

Liv.e – Bout These Pipedreams

Sudan Archives – Black Vivaldi Sonata

Sola – Try

L’Rain – Which Fork

Klein – No More Shubz

KEYAH/BLU  – South

MHYSA – before he world ends

A.G – Lonely Love

Shy One & Kwam – Power

JADALAREIGN – Floydian Slip

Loraine James – Nothing (feat Lila Tirando a Violeta)

CRYSTALLMESS – Just Because It’s a Funeral Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Rave

LYZZA – Hellraiser XXX


Lotic – Cocky

Jasmine Infiniti – Ghettro

KG – 808

Bamz – Buggin’

Fiveboi – Out of My Head

Honey Dijon – Not About You

Anz – Loos In Twos (NRG)

Sola – All Mine

FAUZIA – A Different Time (ft. George Riley)

Melle Brown – Does of Me (ft. Tiana Major9 & Intalekt)

Daniella Wizard – Vacation

Miss Carrie Stacks – A Friend

Moor Mother & Olof Melander – Cry Half

Sola – Nocturne

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