Hoffy – Makei Klap [Forgot Records]
Ratomagoson – Choose [Unreleased]
El Leopardo – El Acontista [Polen Records]
D’Momk – uze [Unknown]
Ghetto Kumbe – Ware Warrior [Galletas Calientes Records]
Fruthru Colours – Al [Unreleased]
Ratomagoson – Poolside [Unreleased]
Maw featuring Louis Salinas – NuYozican Mix [Maw Records]
Ratomagoson – Summerwish [Brownswood Recordings]
Ratomagoson feat. Polyop – Ode To M And D [Nudibranch Records]
Cosmodrome – Rave Retirement Community [Unknown]
Abaskun Control – Posthuman [Unknown]
Raf Rezza – Exit Point [Unknown]
Polyop – Purple Brain [Unknown]
Delph Reprise – Dane Law [Unknown]
Nelson Bell – Hibiki (Oliver Si Remix) [Unknown]
The Fire Dance – Wanderwelle [Silent Season]
Trance Sexual – Fantastic Man [Superconscious Records]
Full Red Stack – Graham Dunning [AD AAD AT]
Polyop – Bloom Disco [Unreleased]
Don’t DJ – Fuckadub – [birdFriend]
Hercrunk – Acid Jazz [Unknown]
Polyop – Stigmergy [Nudibranch Records]
The Other’s People Place – Let Me Be Me [Warp Records]

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