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Future Bubblers: Ratomagoson takeover with Polyop


Amy and Selassie offer an insight into Future Bubblers, their talent discovery and development programme, powered by Brownswood Recordings. Strictly new, UK music.

For this episode, year 2 Bubbler, Ratomagoson is taking over with Polyop.

Listen now Tracklist

Hoffy – Makei Klap [Forgot Records]
Ratomagoson – Choose [Unreleased]
El Leopardo – El Acontista [Polen Records]
D’Momk – uze [Unknown]
Ghetto Kumbe – Ware Warrior [Galletas Calientes Records]
Fruthru Colours – Al [Unreleased]
Ratomagoson – Poolside [Unreleased]
Maw featuring Louis Salinas – NuYozican Mix [Maw Records]
Ratomagoson – Summerwish [Brownswood Recordings]
Ratomagoson feat. Polyop – Ode To M And D [Nudibranch Records]
Cosmodrome – Rave Retirement Community [Unknown]
Abaskun Control – Posthuman [Unknown]
Raf Rezza – Exit Point [Unknown]
Polyop – Purple Brain [Unknown]
Delph Reprise – Dane Law [Unknown]
Nelson Bell – Hibiki (Oliver Si Remix) [Unknown]
The Fire Dance – Wanderwelle [Silent Season]
Trance Sexual – Fantastic Man [Superconscious Records]
Full Red Stack – Graham Dunning [AD AAD AT]
Polyop – Bloom Disco [Unreleased]
Don’t DJ – Fuckadub – [birdFriend]
Hercrunk – Acid Jazz [Unknown]
Polyop – Stigmergy [Nudibranch Records]
The Other’s People Place – Let Me Be Me [Warp Records]