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Future Bubblers with Alxndr London


Amy and Selassie offer an insight into Future Bubblers, their talent discovery and development programme, powered by Brownswood Recordings. Strictly new, UK music.

Alxndr London

Joining the Future Bubblers crew this week is soulful entity Alxndr London. Inspired by the sounds of Gospel, London’s UKG scene and Electronic Soul, Alxndr London is the experimental craft and project that explores Afrocentric themes. With an enigmatic performance on COLORS Berlin, and live streams via Boiler Room and NTS Radio, Alxndr London prepares to release his third EP, ‘2023’.

Listen now Tracklist

Collard – Everglade [Unrleased]
Kiddus – WAIT 4ME [Unreleased]
Kwaku Asante – Time [Unreleased]
Boyewa – Buffalo Tearz [Unreleased]
Mali Hayes – Back To Me [White Label]
Nashé XX – Down [Unreleased]
Skinny Pelembe – Toy Shooter [Unreleased]
Marko Kun – Been Higher [Unreleased]
Free Wize Menn – Numberz [Unreleased]
Ayar – Love Lost [Unreleased]
Medikul – Nevermind (feat. R Lyle) [[Homemade Music]
Kayla Painter – In The Witch Elm [White Label]
Wilroy – Heaven [White Label]
Sigmund – Seaside [Signmund’s Greatest Hits]
Joe Armon Jones – Starting Today (ft. Ashebar) [Brownswood]
Alxndr London – Harrison [White-Label]
Alxndr London – April [White-Label]
Alxndr London – JuJu Riddim [White-Label]
Amy Winehouse – Back to Black [Island Records]
Lily Allen – Friend of Mine [Regal Records]
Samoht – Black Fire [Unreleased]
Meraki Soul – Just Good Friends [Unreleased]
Fernando – Good Fella [Unreleased]
Horation Luna – Safe Sesh [Unreleased]