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Amy and Selassie offer an insight into Future Bubblers, their talent discovery and development programme, powered by Brownswood Recordings. Strictly new, UK music.

This month they hand over the FB reigns to Dr. Mystery and DOE. They bring a slice of Manchester based Reform Radio to Worldwide FM for two hours, showcasing some of incredible music made as part of their groundbreaking Rhythm Lab project and introducing the work and purpose of the station as a whole.

DOE is head honcho of Bien Tombe Records in France and a formidable DJ and producer in his own right. Dr Mystery is a visual artist and winner of the Rising Star accolade at Mixcloud’s Online Radio Awards 2017.

Listen now Tracklist

JAXN & Blind Mic – Running Out (Szajna Remix) [Rhythm Lab]
Nashe XX – Down [A.O.N.E]
Hannah Ashcroft & Marlene Ribeiro – Downfall [Rhythm Lab]
Luke Leadbelly & Denis Jones – Triton [Rhythm Lab]
Sam Healey & Feral Mittens – Giving In [Rhythm Lab]
Shaquille Rayes & Richard Taylor – Corrupt Coastline [Rhythm Lab]
Iconili – O Rei De Tupanga [Bufala]
Gerardo Frisina – Tin Tin Deo [Schema]
Secret Value Orchestra – Bad Times [D.Ko]
Umaah – Hover ft. Tribal Rebel Ludi [Subterranean Wavelength]
Kedr Livanskiy – Razrushitelniy Krug (Destructive Cycle) [2MR]
Yadava – Strange Worlds [Church]
Glue70 – Majer [Self-Released]
KinKai – Wavey Jones Locker [Lousy Lyrics]
Glue70 – Conclusions [self-released]
Gaston Vigoo – If You Believe (Eleve Remix) [Sunstate]
Rise & The Heritage Ensemble – Unity Suite [Self-Released]
Tommy Tickle and Silent K – Eternal City [Ad Hoc Records]
Taurtollo – Om’s Mehndi [Ad Hoc Records]
Szajna – Breaking My Back [Alga Rhythms]
Afro Deutsche – You Hurt Me The First Time [Unknown]
Howes – Untitled [Cong Burn]
Claro Intelecto – Patience [Modern Love]
Earl Grey – Burnt Cinnamon [Inperspective Records]