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London-based producer Gerry Read drops into the studio for an IDM-infused guest mix.

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Finn – So Confused [Unknown]
Slipper – Fascinating [Rephlex]
DJ Koze feat. Apparat РNices Wölkchen [Pampa Records]
Cupp Cave – Airlining [Ramp Recordings]
Herbert – Fat King Fire [Mint Condition]
Kevin McPhee – It’s What She Wants [Naked Lunch]
Joe – Maximum Busy Muscle [Hessle Audio]
Nochexxx – Ritalin Love [Ramp Recordings]
Social Climbers – Palm Springs [Hoboken Records]
Aaron Dilloway – Look Over Your Shoulder [Hanson Records]
Vessel – Dpm [Tri Angle]
Bayta Ag Bay – Aicha [Sahel Sounds]
Like A Tim – It Ain’t Perfect Till It’s Perfect [Juno Records]
Roy Of The Ravers – En Trance 10 [Acid Waxa]
Kosmic Messenger – Soundscape (Intricate Mix) [Eclipse Records]
Lowtec – Carbon Copy [Brainmath]
Jungle – 2 Shoes [Unreleased]
Chuva – Swim No Go Run Bought [Unknown]
Tim Kinsella – Piss On Glass Mall Waterfall [Field Recordings Of Dreams]
Autechre – Deco Loc [Warp Records]
Nochexxx feat. Sensational – Sinbliss [Werk Discs]
DJ N*gga Fox – Tio Kiala [Principe]
Helix – Track Titled 1 [Night Slugs]
Sophie – EEEHHH [Nothing More To Say]
Cosmin TRG – Since Last Night [Tempa]
Cupp Cave – Mind Bones [Vlek]
Nine Inch Nails – Me I’m Not [Interscope Records]
Ya Ya Yi – 7 O’Clock [Unknown]
Polisario – Untitled [Sahel Sounds]
Actress – Rap [Beat Records]
Cupp Cave – Kid’s A Loner [Ramp Recordings]
Nozinja – Misheto We Zimbada [Unknown]
Fourtet – Lush [Text Records]
Oneohtrix Point Never – American [Warp Records]
Matia Aguato – Minimal (DJ Koze Remix) [Kompakt]
The Stamps – Trains Coming [Unknown]
Herbert – Got To Be Moving [Mint Condition]
Analogue Cops – Why You Love Me [Music Man Records]
Herbert – Middle [Accidental]
Hockey Smith – Tears At My Age [Unknown]
Dexter Wansel – Latin Love [Philadelphia International Records]

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