Gilles & Amir

First broadcast date: 22 August 1970

Gilles is joined by renowned collector and digger Amir to talk music and his work curating the Strata catalogue.

Track list
Gilles’ Mix
Yusef Lateef – Last Night Blues [Prestige Bluesville] // US
Maulawi – Maiden Voyage [180 Proof Records/ Strata Records] // US
Sam Sandres – Face at My Window [Strata Records] // US
The Lyman Woodard Organization – Belle Isle Daze‎ [Strata Records] // US
The Contemporary Jazz Quintet – Nguzo Saba [Strata Records] // US
Maulawi – People Make The World Go Round [Strata Records] // US
The Lyman Woodard Organization – Saturday night Special [Strata Records] // US

Amir’s Mix
Bobby Valentin – Part-time Lover [L.A.G] // US
Pipo – Hot Pants [Cotique Music] // US
Orlando Marin Y Su Orquesta – La Casa [Alegre] // US
Bobby Valentin – Seguiras Criticando [Fonseca] // US
Willie Rosario – Arrepentios Pecadores [Inca] // Venezuela
Johnny Pacheco – Guararey Na’ma [Fania] // US
Joe Bataan – Puerto Rico Me Llama [Fania] // US
The Latin Brothers – Cuando Volvera [Fuentes] // Colombia
Louie Colon – Tembleque [Delta] // US
La Protesta – Coje Tumbao [Rico] // US
Joe Acosta – Bendita Illusion [Ghetto] // US
Mike Hernandez – Asi – Asi – Descarga [Fonseca] // US
Willie Colon – La Banda [Fania] // US
Grupo Guerra – Soul Makossa [Discolando]
Lizandro Meza Y Su Conjunto – Shacalao [Limeza] // Colombia
Creations – Footsteps [Zodiac] // US
Bobby Franklin’s Insanity – Don’t Lose What You Got [Westbound] // US
The Family – Family Affair [North Bay] // US
Taj Mahal – Why Did You Have To Desert Me [Columbia] // US

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