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Gilles Peterson: Brit Funk Special Part 2


Gilles Peterson presents the second part of his Brit Funk special.


Level 42 – Eyes Water Falling
Warriors – Drive
Unlimited Source – Nicola Nicola
Ritual – Non-Stop Boogie
Onward International- Foot In The Door
Stikki Stuff – School (Floppy Discs)
Sho Nuff – It’s Alright (Ensign)
The Breakfast Band – LA 14
Savanna – Never Let You Go (R&B Records)
Yeow Band – Prepare Yourself (White Label)
Paradise – Success (Onyx International records)
Wally Badarou – One Day, Won’t Give It Away (Love Vinyl)
Garage – Saved By The Bell (Full Length Version)(Drum Records)
Garage – Saved By The Bell (Dub Version)(Drum Records)
Ricochette – Jacuzzi (CR12 – 21)
CB Band – You Fooled Him Once Again)(Vocal Mix) (Blue Inc records)
3rd Army – March of 10,000 Soldiers (Elite)
Not James Player – Friends Again (Ultimate Records)
Congeress – That’s Jazz (Congress Productions)
UK Players – Rivers
The Antilles – Latin Dream (Creole)
Head- I Met A Man
Ritmo Suave – Touchdown (Excaliber Records)
Coach House Rhythm Section – No Such thing (Instrumental)(ice)
3rd Army – Step One (Elite)
Kameleon – Stranger Zone (Elite)
Sticks and Co – Jazz Dancin
True Feelings – Love Me Love Me
Style X – No Secret Affair (Rygel records)
R.E.Q – Casa Forte (Passion)
ICQ – Final Approach
World Series – Try It Out (Chuwanaga)
Eyes Growing Wider