Gilles Peterson with Tropic Aza

First broadcast date: 29 November 2018

Gilles Peterson presents an hour long show with Carlos Icaza of the Mexican group La Redada.

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From Mexico City, Tropic Aza is a DJ (resident of LA’s DubLab) and underground musician with the band La Redada. Tropic Aza has been researching and crate digging for over 15 years across the world, resulting in special sets that tie latin funk, soul, disco, rap, rock & pop obscurities, rare grooves, all together.

Gilles Peterson joined him on the radio for a special one hour show following Tropicaza’s trip to Utrecht for the worlds biggest record fair.


Unknown – Cumbia de Colombianas [Unknown]
Unknown – Cumbia Incaica [Unknown]
Unknown – La Monofica [Unknown]
Unknown – Martha Cecilia [Unknown]
Unknown – Cumbia DO [Unknown]
Unknown – La Mexicana [Unknown]
Unknown – La Pantera Rosa [Unknown]
Unknown – Marimba Callajera [Unknown]
Unknown – Cumbia Conraba [Unknown]
Unknown – Caballo [Unknown]
Unknown – La Chaqueta [Unknown]
La Redada – Cala Boca [Monofonos Press]
Unknown – Marisero [Unknown]
Unknown – Enamorada De Un Amigo [Unknown]

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