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Global Music Movement: Megatronic with Zahed Sultan


Tune in for WW Dubai / Global Music Movement. Our host Megatronic is a cultural producer, DJ and a music enthusiast specialising in conversations and musical trends from around the world.

Each month, her show Global Music Movement invites special guests from the MENA region and the diasporas to have insightful conversations about the reimagining of musical heritage to reflect what’s happening in the region.

With this in mind, her third show takes us on a journey with Zahed Sultan is an award-winning multimedia artist, culture producer, and social entrepreneur of Kuwaiti-Indian heritage based in London.

Zahed’s music has been licensed for television and film and he is influenced by reimagining tradition to craft a sound of his own. Zahed believes strongly in collaboration and has worked with emerging and recognised artists; he is particularly well-known for his live audio-visual-dance performances which he has performed internationally. Zahed is the founder of COMMUN – a combined arts co. which is centered around community building using mediums such as digital arts, music, film, and performance and en.v, an organisation which mobilizes and connects change-makers to effectively and collaboratively address community challenges in the Middle East.

Listen now Tracklist

Zahed Sultan Selection

Zahed Sultan – Layl

Arabian Alien Fit. Tamtam – Romantic encounter

Felukah – Time

Kavya – Underscore

Hadi Zeidan – Sketches – Ballad Theories

Disco Puppet – OK

Desertfish – Renegade

Intibint – In my dreams

Megatronic’s Mix

Asela – Fahed Al Kubaisi

Samer Doument – Saro Sneen

Karrouhat – Nefsi Aghaneelik

Bombino – Her Tenere

Maktoube – Aziz Sahmaoui

Bombino – Tenere (The Desert, My Home)

Muqataa feat. Mehdi Haddab, Walaa Sbait

Rokia Traore – Laidu

Mashrou Lelia – Roman

Shashkin – Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Lama Bada Yatasana – Mohammed Saleh Abd Al Sahed Leo

Magic system – 1er Gaou

Boozoo Bajou – YMA (afterlife remix)

Zahed Sultan – Mama Bamba

Tinariwen – Chaghaybou