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Global Roots: Thris Tian with Kaczmarek and Mehmet Aslan

First broadcast date: 7 December 2018

Weekly show with Thris Tian presenting the best underground and global selections.

Thris will be joined by Mehmet Aslan in the studio for a chat and a mix. Also, Kaczmarek will be dropping a guest mix.a

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Paul Ritch has undertaken a new project titled Kaczmarek. which will be the introductory act on his new KCZMRK label.

In this mix he’s selected tracks that inspired him a lot and that are extremely well produced with an approach of always trying to push forward the electronic music. The mix also includes some unreleased remixes and an original track from his album.

Mehmet Aslan

In a world of crate diggers, willfully eclectic selectors and micro-scene experts, few DJs and producers maintain the curiosity, bulletproof taste and unique identity of Mehmet Aslan. Born to Turkish immigrant parents and raised in Basel, Switzerland, a childhood absorbing Turkish music was only the beginning of an esoteric trip down a rabbit hole of fascinating, often unusual music, enrapturing dancefloors with his own record collection alongside his own, equally varied productions.

Within his personal studio, a part of Berlin’s cult Salon Zur Wilden Renate club, Aslan continues to write, edit and experiment. 2017 is set to see his debut on Jennifer Cardini’s much-loved Correspondant label, while he continues to work on a full-length LP, with the ultimate intention of performing with a full live band.



Tariq Disu – OOTL [Self-released]
Oneohtrix Point Never – Thank God I’m A Country Girl [Warp Records]
Bronx Slang – Well, Well, Well [Fabyl]
Jay Daniel – Lavanah [Watusi High]
Steve Spacek – Take Ova (Feat. Oddisee) [Eglo Records]
Ibibio Sound Machine – Basquiat [Merge Records]

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