Global Roots: Thris Tian with Habibi Funk, DJ Nomad (Africaine 808) and Zipporah

First broadcast date: 1 December 2017

Weekly show with Thris Tian presenting four hours of the best underground and global selections. This week Thris welcomes rerelease label Habibi Funk, DJ Nomad of Africaine 808 and DJ and Editor & Head of Film for Stamp The Wax, Zipporah.

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Habibi Funk

Habibi Funk, a Berlin-based label and DJ digging up funk’s finest from the Arab world of the 70s.


Stamp the Wax’s Mia Zur-Szpiro, known as Zipporah, is a DJ and broadcaster exploring the global music scene – everywhere from Brisbane to Bristol, but focusing at the moment on the Middle East.


Knxweldge – Illimination
Onyx Collective – Steam Rooms [Big Dada]
Darkhouse Family – Modaji Suite [Kudos Records]
BBNG x Flockey Oscor – Unknown
Collocutor – The Search (Live and psyched)
The Swingle Singers – Orchestral Suite No. 3 In D Minor [Milan Records]
AfriCali – Daughters of The Sun

Jannis (Habibi Funk) Guest Mix

Joell Ortiz Feat Royce Da 5’9 – Finish What You Start [Freedom Tune]
Alsarah & The Nubatones – Soukura (It’s Late) [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Cheb Hasni – Saadini Nahjar Maak [Lazer Productions]
Ahmed Fakroun – Nisyan [Polydor]
Mos Def – The Embassy [Downtown Music]
Belbao – Casablanca Shuffle [Habibi Funk Records]
Attarazst Addahabia – Ureleased
Chemise – She Can’t Love You [Unidic Music]
Asif – Amyal [Slim Productions]
Cathago – Alech [Habibi Funk Records]

Thris Tian
Hitomi Tohyama – Dancin [Cultures of Soul]
Oh No – Plain Love Pts 1 & 2
Split Decision Band – Shoot Your World [Now Again Records]
Phil Musa Group – The Creator Is So Far Out [Now Again Records]
New World Generation – Dreamland [Now Again Records]
Paternoster Stop These Lines [Now Again Records]
World’s Experience Orchestra – Nine Degrees and Cold [Now Again Records]

Thris Tian w/ Zipporah

Abaki Simba Troupe – Ahangla [ADA Records]
Blinky Bill – No Touch [forthcoming]
Nu Fvnk – 254 Dip [produced by Hiribae x Nu Fvnk]
Jinku – N2 [unreleased]
Dyan-S – Affiliate [Groundid Music]

Thris Tian

Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers – Proje [MCDE Recordings]
Hidden Spheres – Sapodilla []
Get Up And Boogie – Peter Croce [Razor-n-Tape]
Romare – Je t’aime [Ninja Tune]

DJ Nomad (Africaine 808)

Foury Faya – Blakys Groove
Black So Man – Ca Fait Petite
Kine Lam – Maam Bamba
Dourdosy – Etranger
Georges Ouedraogo – Decentralisation
Idak Bassave – Mouzo Haoure
Dez Altino – Lampoko Edit
New Dream – Kangatoukouya
Daddy Ramaru – Egbere Bata (Nomad Mix)
African All Stars – Makengo
Sery Simplice – Bouba Lago
JB Zibodi – Zomédali
Justin Stanislas – Mauilato

Thris Tian
Unknown – Exotic Yokagao

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