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Global Roots: Thris Tian with DJ Jus-Ed, Jehst, Karizma and Marcel Vogel

First broadcast date: 15 December 2017

Weekly show with Thris Tian presenting two hours of the best underground and global selections.

This week Thris welcomes DJ Jus-Ed, who will be showcasing his new music for 2018, rapper Jehst for a live performance, renowned DJ and producer Karizma and Marcel Vogel for 45 minute guest mixes.


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DJ Jus-Ed

House and techno extraordinaire DJ Jus-Ed has been at the forefront of the electronic scene since he started spinning records nearly 30 years ago, and his internationally recognised house label Underground Quality has been releasing cutting-edge underground music since 2004.


Rapper, producer and YNR Productions co-founder Jehst has been making waves on the UK hip-hop scene since releasing his cult-classic EP Premonitions in 1999. This year his fourth album Billy Green is Dead was released on YNR Productions to unanimous praise; Clash Music giving it a 9/10 rating and touting Jehst as ‘the UK’s most natural rhymer’.


Kris Klayton AKA Karizma is a Baltimore-born and globally renowned DJ and electronic music producer. Celebrated for his impressive range of work in deep house, deep techno, hip hop, jazz and broken beats, Karizma also co-founded the mighty Unruly Records imprint and is acclaimed by Resident Advisor as ‘one of the scene’s most technically gifted DJs’.

Marcel Vogel

German-born and Amsterdam-based Marcel Vogel is not only a talented DJ and producer but is also widely recognised for his labels Lumberjacks in Hell and Intimate Friends. He released The Deadpool EP, with Karizma, earlier this year, and both of the DJs will be playing in the evening after this show at Corsica Studios.




Jeff Parker – Jrifted [International Anthem]
Elisa And Srigala – Carefree [White Label]
Rapsody Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Lance SkIIIWalker – Power [Jamla]
Ayar – Nostalgia [White Label]
Brother Portrait And Is Phi – Flowers [White Label]
Footshooter Feat. Izzy Risk And Slam The Poet – Portals [White Label]
Ben Hauke Feat. Nubya Garcia – Yeh Yeh [Woop Records]
RGL Feat. Yebisu 303 – A1.T2 [Breaker Breaker]
Jerome Thomas And Warren Xcln – Didn’t Know [White Label]
Footshooter Feat. Brother Portrait – Dawn (Buffalo Stance) [White Label]
Chunky And Kwes Darko – Studio Floors [White Label]
Onyx Collective – 97 Allen St. [Big Dada]
Eduardo De La Calle – Mr Dewey D [Planet E]
Ashtar Lavanda – Gratior Shake [Ultramajic]
Bato Bato – Entrado En La Boveda [Bato Records]
Hamad Kalkaba – Fouh Sei Allah [Sonafric]
Hodgy – July 4 [White Label]
Fountain Of Chaos – Amaniyak Kree [Inextinguishable Fire]
Nebraska – Big Plate Chicken (Alma Negra’s Black Soul Remix) [Heist Recordings]
OfficialKanKick – Mighty Winds Control [White Label]
Knxwledge. – Flossalldai_ [White Label]
AG & John Robinson Feat. Blu & Dave Dar – Penelope [White Label]
Slowthai – R.I.P [Bone Soda]
Jehst Feat. Jyager And Confucius MC – Billy Green Is Alive [YNR Productions]
Jehst – 44th Floor (Instrumental) [YNR Productions]
Jehst – Smoke Screen (Instrumental) [YNR Productions]
Jehst – So Far To Go (Instrumental) [YNR Productions]
Jehst – Remembrance (Instrumental) [YNR Productions]
Jehst – City Streets (Live) [YNR Productions]
Jehst – Remembrance (Live) [YNR Productions]
Jehst – Good Robot (Live) [YNR Productions]
Colm L – Water [All City Records]
Pacific Yew – ((((Pearl Village)))) [White Label]
Duo Tsafri – Eshmera Shabat [Fortuna Records]
Soul Of Hex – Midgard [Comunite]
DJ Jus-Ed – The Day Prince Died [Underground Quality]
DJ Jus-Ed – Unreleased Track [Unknown]
DJ Jus-Ed – Transition [Underground Quality]
DJ Jus-Ed – Son Of Sound [Unreleased]
Son Of Sound – Manhatten’s Projects [Underground Quality, Unreleased]
DJ Jus-Ed – A Moment In Time (Unreleased)
DJ Jus-Ed – Feels Right [Underground Quality]
Marcel Vogel And Khalil Anthony – Brown Curls (Nabraska Remix) [Lumberjacks In Hell/Forthcoming]
L’imperatrice – Sequences (Violaaa Remix) [Microqlima]
Nachtbraker – Maynard [Unreleased]
Patchouli Brothers – Wicked One [Gum Records/Forthcoming]
Tom Noble – Lord I’m Trying [Unreleased]
Uta Bella – Nassa Nassa [Productions Balafon]
Patchouli Brothers – My Love [Gum Records/Forthcoming]
Reverend P – Strong Enuff [Razor N Tape]
Marcel Vogel And Khalil Anthony – Dance The Blues Away (julien Dyne Dub) [Lumberjacks In Hell/Forthcoming]
Robson Jorge – Ginga [Som Livre]

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