Global Roots: Yoga Fire & Fntxy (Homegrown), Tomas & Wasted Fates (NAAFI) and Rita Maia & Esa in Mexico

First broadcast date: 13 April 2018

Weekly show with Thris Tian presenting the best underground and global selections.

Expect new music from around the world featuring a fireside chat from Mexico with Rita and Esa, an exclusive track from Yoga Fire and Fntxy performed live and exclusively at the Homegrown Studios and exclusive mixes from Tomas (NAAFI) and Wasted Fates (NAAFI).

New music from Sudan Archives, Oscar #Worldpeace, Leon Vynehall, African Scream Contest, Skee Mask and Girls of the Internet.
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Tomas (NAAFI)

Mexico City’s N.A.A.F.I (No Ambition And Fuck-all Interest) is a club night, record label and squad that holds wild parties with slick sets across Latin America and beyond. Core crew Tomas drops by for a mix and a chat with Thris Tian.

Uchi (Traición)

Uchi is a curator at Carnaval de Bahidora, and a creative producer and promoter based in Mexico City.  She runs Traición which hosts parties in Mexico City.

Rita Maia and Esa

Rita Maia and Esa look back retrospectively at their time in Mexico and play some of their favourite Mexican records. Together they played at the Worldwide FM stage in Carnaval de Bahidora.
Rita Maia is a DJ based in London. Her Migrant Sounds show explores the movement and impact of dance music across the world, with a focus on the influences of African sounds and Afro-Futurism. Esa is a South African DJ, producer and musician based in London.


Leon Vynehall – Envelopes (Chapters VI) [Ninja Tune]

Knxwledge – 100 P MDC [Stones Throw]

Skee mask – Soundboy Ext. [Ilian Tape]

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – Water Broken (The Opening of The Stargate) [Leaving Records]

La Santa Grifa – La Curiosidad [Bear Busby Productions]

Gerry Garcia – Me Siguen Llamando Los Clientes [Unknown]

Dos Santos – Sole Party [International Anthem]

// Yoga Fire and Fntxy Live // exlclusive performance at the Homegrown Studios

Aleman – Pues Que Pues [Homegrown]

Oscar #worldpeace – No White God [Worldpeace]

Roméo Elvis & Le Motel Feat. Lomepal – Thalys [Universal]

Grandmilly & Shozae – Graffiti [Stonesthrow]

Sign Libra – Tropical Planetarium [Sounds of the Dawn]

La ReDada – Danzón para Tres [Alibaba]

Sonido Gallo Negro – Catemaco [Glitterbeat Records]

// Fireside Chat: Rita Maia and Esa //

Tino Contreras – Safo la Sacerdotiza del Amor [Jazzman Records]

Elias Akadiri & Sunny Black’s Band – L’Enfance [Analog Africa]

Lokonon Andre – Glenon Ho Akue [Analog Africa]

Subelo Cuba – Traketeo ft. Luz De Cuba [Brownswood]

Joe Armon-Jones – Mollison Dub [Brownswood]

James ‘Creole’ Thomas – Unknown [22a]

Pletnev – Aztec Code [Fleeting Wax]

Danvers – Mason [WotNot Music]

Project Pablo – Remind Me Tomorrow [Technicolour]

rRoxymore – This Is Not What You Think [Don’t Be Afraid]

Girls Of The Internet – When U Go [Soul Heaven Records]

Carl Craig – The Melody (Ishmael Ensemble Remix) [InFiné]

Art Alfie – Since I’ve Seen You [Velvet Pony]

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Marcus Garvey [Wax Museum Records]

Jon Dixon – Wise Words Ft. Marcus Belgrave [Planet E]

Slowglide – Haipa [Antinote]

DJ Bone – Workings of the Inner Circle [Subject Detroit]

// Tomas (NAAFI) Mix //

// Wasted Fates (NAAFI) Mix //

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou – Moulon Devia [Analog Africa]

Sudan Archives – Nont For Sale [Stones Throw]





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