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Head Sounds with Tostoni – Discos Fuentes 7″s


Tune in for an hour long mix by Venezuelan DJ Toni Arellano (AKA Tostoni) coming to you live from Mexico City. Join us as he explores Venezuelan folk music, traditional styles, pop and experimental sounds straight outta Latin America.

Colombia’s Discos Fuentes is the longest-running and most prolific record label in Latin America. It has been a pioneer in the recording and development of multiple styles of Colombian popular music that influenced all corners of the continent. Many titles were pressed in Mexico (under Peerless), Panama, Peru and the USA, but Venezuela holds the largest number of titles pressed outside Colombia (more than a million Colombians lived in Venezuela during the 60s and 70s). This time saw unique 7 ”singles, LPs and compilations – with different tracklist and artwork – flourish, marketed exclusively for Venezuela.

On this show, Tostoni presents an exclusive selection of 7” singles from the Discos Fuentes label pressed and distributed in Venezuela by Roberto Gómez (Robegomer and Discos Dark labels) from a record plant in Antímano, in the southwest of Caracas. Expect a variety of styles including gaita, paseo, porro and cumbias along with rare recordings by Los Gavilanes De La Costa, Lisandro Meza, Los Coqueros, El Sexteto Panameño, Los Golden Boys and Los Satelites, among many others!

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