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International Tribe: Donald’s House


International Tribe is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian.

This week’s International Tribe mix comes from Donalds House. 

Hailing from Brunswick, Melbourne, James and Peter Isaacs are the brotherly duo Donald’s House.

Taking influence from Paradise Garage styled disco, early 90s house, italo and anything with a DMX drum kit, their take on dance dance music is as refreshing as it is familiar. You’ll often hear M1 solos, chords and stabs, juxtaposed against Phil Collins styled stadium drums, and groovy basslines that just beg your body to move.

Much like their productions, their sets are centred around music that’s heart is firmly in the 80s. You’ll often see them duck and weave through drum machine disco, groove oriented EBM, afro and italo records – while also paying homage to their peers with more traditional house and techno.

You can catch them regularly on Melbourne’s Skylab radio, where they host their show ‘Two Brothers’, at various clubs around Australia and at their favourite lunchtime haunt, Sesame and Soul.

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