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It Is What It Is: Laurent Garnier


It Is What It Is is the iconic radio show from Laurent Garnier, broadcast in English on Worldwide FM for the first time. Season 8 sees Laurent cast his impeccable knowledge across the broad spectrum of music, from jazz to afrobeat to techno, to bring you rare finds and groundbreaking new discoveries.

Laurent says: IT IS WHAT IT IS is: #A-Journey, #Eclectic, #Musical, #Unpredictable, #For-Music-Lovers, #Not-Always-serious, #Cinematic, #Uncompromising, #Open-minded, #Only-For-Pleasure, #All-Welcome, #Not-for-Haters, #Straight-out-of-my-Record-Collection, #What-u-see-is-what-u-Get, #Laurent-Garnier


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Portico Quartet – Lines Glow [Gondwana] // UK
Kraak & Smack -Hands Of Time [Jalapeno] // UK
Deshte -Static Visions [Krenta] // UK
Lone – Minds Eye Melody [R & S] // UK
Kiril – Turn Back Time [Critical] // Russia
Makato – Ambers Song [Hospital] // Japan
Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem [Pilowphon] // Ethiopia
Black Flower – Bones [Sdban Ultra] // Belgium
HHHH – 01 [Detroit Underground] // Argentina
AR.T – Concrete Panorama (J. Selway RMX) [Sound Spectrum] // Unknown
Pascal Hetzel – Motion Blur – [Caduceus] // Germany
DJ HELL – Anything Anytime (Argy RMX) [Gigolo] // Germany
Jakwob – Ghost Optics [Boom Ting] // UK
SW – A2 [Apollo] // UK
Tony Allen – Cruising [Blue Note] // Nigeria
Crackazat – Proton Blue [Local Talk] // UK
Krewcial – The Session [Lumberjacks In Hell] // UK
Claudio Coccoluto – Dance On Merengue [The Dub] // Italy
Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou – Ne Te Fache Pas (Bosq Mix) [Soul Power Sound] // Germany
King Jammy – Lethal Dub [VP] // Jamaica
Wrongtom Meets The Ragga Twins – Dub Capacitor [Tru Thoughts] // UK
Ritch The Kid – Pardon Me [Rich Forever] // USA
Lil Pump – Flex Like Ouu // USA
Larry The Kat – Enjoy Losin [Delirious] // UJ
Si Begg – The Adventure Of A Warped Collective [10 THE BLEEPS] // UK
NOMA – Red Shit – [SHARIVARI] // Unknown