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It Is What It Is: Laurent Garnier


It Is What It Is is the iconic radio show from Laurent Garnier, broadcast in English on Worldwide FM for the first time. Season 8 sees Laurent cast his impeccable knowledge across the broad spectrum of music, from jazz to afrobeat to techno, to bring you rare finds and groundbreaking new discoveries.

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DJ Aakmael – Dahlin (L. Revoll RMX)  [Monologues]  
Aphrohead  – The Divine   [Founders of Filth]
Deepa & Biri – K Means [balans]
Rone – Brest [infine]
SD – Closet Disco Queen [BNC Express]
Earl Grey – Corridor Of Uncertainty [Inperspective]
The James L’Estraunge Orchestra  – It’s Happened Before [BBE]
The Sound Deffects – War [Tone Def Systems]
Witch (We Intend To Cause Havoc) – Lazy Bones  [Zambezi]
The Veils – Axolotl (RMX) [Nettwerk]
Lea Porcelain – Similar Familiar (RMX) [Lea Porcelain]
Benjamin Damage – Montreal [R & S]
Ian O Donovan – Erebus [Portals]
Borai – On The Horizon [Halcocyan]       
Fink – Resurgam [R’coup’d]
Earthgang – Mediate [Spillage Village]
Open Mike Eagle – No Selling [Mello Music]
Jah Lloyd – St Anne Collie [Virgin]
Sibusil Xaba – Open Letter To Adoniah [Mushroom Hour Half Hour]
Agnes Obel – Stretch Your Eyes (RMX) [Phonica]
Lorenz Rhode – On Top  [Dirt Crew]
Detroit Swindle – Just Not Normal  [Heist]
Special Request – Brainstorm [Houndstooth]
Bicep – Opal [Ninja Tune]
Ted Jasper – Deus [Ted Jasper]
Soundspecies & Ache Meyi – Alina’s Calypso [Manana]