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Jeff Mills presents Spiral Deluxe


Jeff Mills presents a 2-hour musical journey deep into his new project Spiral Deluxe. The show includes influential tracks and referenced songs as he talks about the process of producing their new album “Voodoo Magic”. He also shares some raw recordings from the album making process.

Spiral Deluxe is a collaboration and Electronic Jazz quartet that explores the various spectrums in our music Universe. It’s the meeting of minds of four musicians from different styles and background that dedicate themselves for searching harmonic divine. A musical excursion that discovers the higher level of music consciousness. Formed in 2014, the band came together as a project and vision of Jeff Mills, who had the idea to create a “super group”, a band of highly skillful players. Mills began the search to find this unique mixture of musicians, that not only could adapt to new ways of playing, but each could contribute their vast amount of insight and knowledge to this special chemistry.

“Voodoo Magic” is the result of a 2-day recording session at the famous Studio Ferber in Paris and it is our album of the week on Worldwide FM Morning Mari*.

Listen now Tracklist

Dave Brubeck – Take Five [CBS]
Weather Report – Bird land [Columbia]
Stanley Clarke – School Days [Nemporer]
Steely Dan – Deacon Blues [ABC]
Spiral Deluxe – E=MC2 [Axis]
Stevie Wonder – Contusion [Tamla]
Weather Report – Havona [Columbia]
Return To Forever – Sorceress [Columbia]
Miles Davis – My Man’s Gone Now [Columbia Jazz]
Spiral Deluxe – The Paris Roulette [Axis]
Jaco Pastorius – Portrait Of Tracy [Columbia]
Buffalo Daughter – LI303VE [Grand Royal]
Spiral Deluxe – Voodoo Magic [Axis]
DEVO – The Rope Song [Devo]
Jeff Lorber Fusion – Fusion Juice [Arista]
Yellow Jackets – Imperial Strut [Warner Bros]
Parliament Funkadelic – Funkentelechy [Casablanca]
Bootsy’s Rubberband – Can’t Stay Away [Warner Bros]
Earth Wind & Fire – New World Symphony [Columbia]
Spiral Deluxe – Cosmos [Axis]
Spiral Deluxe – Let It Go [Axis]