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Joe Davis (Far Out Recordings) // 03-01-17

Far Out Recordings founder and London based DJ and producer Joe Davis brings us a musical education of the Rare Groove scene and his phenomenally extensive knowledge of Brazilian music and jazz, funk, and soul at large. A very special treat to start the year with.

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Earth, Wind and Fire – Drum Song [Columbia] // US

Phil Woods – Flowers [Verve Records] // US

Mohammad Wardy – Sourah [Munsphone] // Suriname

Tribe – Koke [Probe] // US

The Paper Dolls – Get Down Boy [Tyson Records] // US

The First Family – Control (People Go Where We Send You) [Polydor] // US

Stringfeild Family – The Sound of Disco [Arrest Records] // US

Azymuth – Fênix (Ron Trent Remix) [Far Out Recordings] // Brazil/US

Miss Lene – Dance [Fermata] // Brazil

Orchestra Som Livre – Fantasico – [Som Livre] // Brazil

Clément Mêlomê Et L’ Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – Gendarme Si We [Aux Ecoutes] // Dahomey

Marcus Junior – Soul Bros. [Pyramid] // UK

Orchestre Picoby Band d’Abomey-Dahomey – Houi Houi Mi To [Albarika Store] // Dahomey

El Rego Et Ses Commandos – Zon Dede [L.A. Aux Ecoutes] // Dahomey

Paulo Silvino – Tomba Coco [Tapecar] // Brazil

Germano Mathias – Apague A Tua Vela [Polydor] // Brazil

Fitzroy Henry – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You[Rockers Records] // Jamaica

The Vulcans – Star Trek [Trojan Records] // Jamaica

Roland Al and the Berverly’s All Stars – Song for my Father [Pyramid] // Jamacia

Wisdom ‎ – Nefertiti [Adelia] // US

Airto – Peasant Dance [Salvation] // Italy

Ivan Conti – Ah Que Legal (22a Remix) [Far Out Recordings] // UK

Mick Fleetwood – Amelle (Come On Show Me Your Heart) [RCA Records] // UK

Afrobot – Kwaito [AM Holland] // Holland

Oneness of Ju Ju – Space Jungle Funk [Black Fire Records] // US

Tsvia Abarbanel – Yahlel Hawa [Fortuna] // Israel

Rotary Connection – Respect [Cadet Concept Records] // US