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Frame – The Arrival [Not On Label]
King Midas Sound – You Disappear [Not On Label]
Cuts – From Here to Nowhere [CUTS]
Production Unit – Why do the Birds Sing 1 [Not On Label]
Gagarin – Learning to Fly [Not On Label]
Tom Middleton – Relax 5 (Garden) [Tom Middleton]
Alice Coltrane – Radhe-Shyam [Warner Bros. Records]
Bass Clef – It’s Time for the Revelator [Not On Label]
Richard Yeoman-Clark & Elizabeth Parker – Machine Monster with a Black Sense of Humour! (who Chases our Heroes Around, Winking) [BBC Records]
Adam Winchester – The Light [Not On Label]
Bernard Parmegiani – Ponomatopees [Ina GRM]
Cristian Vogel – Stone Drum [D & C Sight And Sound]
Gertrude Stein – The Making of Americans [Soundmark Records]
Prettybwoy – Simulacre [POLAAR]
VC-118A – No More Words [White Label]
Odete – They’re an Angel Part II [White Label]
INEXUNIN – Uchujin (Space Dust) [White Label]
Kams – Scribbled Proportion [White Label]
Chris Bowden & 4Hero – Lullaby [Satellite]
Loula Yorke – Goodnight Noises Everywhere [Junted]
Crystal Xulu – Midnight Swim [Not On Label]
The Memory Band – Last Orders [Hungry Hill]

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