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Jonny Rock

First broadcast date: 25 January 2017

Jonny Rock, a familiar face on the London house and disco scenes, is recognised by many for working behind the counter at Phonica Records & Blackmarket Records during the 00s and as the guy playing guitar in Luke Solomon’s ‘Freaks’ live project.

In his show Jonny World rhythms from Turkey, Brazil, Africa and the Middle East, as well as a selection of modern and retro electronic grooves. Expect new releases and a snippet of what Jonny has been working on with Luke Solomon.

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Grup Karma – Imkansiz [Kent] // Turkey
Blue Gas – Shadows From Nowhere [Eyes] // Italy
Glenn Riccs – Keep On Dancing [Mountain Sound] // US
Tim Meyer – We Gonna Rule The World [Unknown]
Ettika – Arabe [Johnnie Coco Musik] // France
Small Big World – Apple (Rock Edit) [Unknown]
Fattish – Gel Seher [Unreleased]
Ferdi Özbegen – Söz Yok Anlatmaya Seni (Kurt Adam Edit) [Unknown]
Abrao – Aguas Do Ganges [Garzen] // Israel
Rob Mello & Jonny Rock – Babazula [Unreleased]
Mehmet Aslan & Jonny Rock – Untitled (Demo shit) [Unreleased]
New Family – Funky Situation (No Ears Edit) [Unknown]
Kraftchik – C’Est L’Enfer [CBS] // France
Unknown – Untitled
Unknown – Istanbul [Unknown]
Dutch Rhythm Combo – Alerta (ISE DJ Edit) [
De Rio – Untitled [Unknown]
Unknown – Tribo Dos Arajos [Unknown]
Massak – Anywhere Trouble [Le Son Du Maquis] // France
Steve Monite – Only You (Frankie Francis Edit) [Unknown]
Eartha Kitt – Uska Dara [His Masters Voice] // UK

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