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Kay Suzuki with Claudio Passavanti (Sunlightsquare Records)


Kay Suzuki – DJ, producer and recently-departed head chef at Brilliant Corners. Kay brings guest Claudio Passavanti, producer and DJ also known by his alias Sunlightsquare and as label boss at Sunlightsquare Records.

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Listen now Tracklist

Santana – Welcome [CBS] // UK
Mushrooms Project – Rio Paraiba do Sul [Leng] // UK
The Derek Trucks Band – Sahib Teri Bandi-Maki Madni [Columbia] // Europe
Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Steve Rodby, Dan Gottlieb & Nana Vasconcelos – Barcaole [ECM] // Germany
Joan Bibiloni – Sa Fosca [Blau] // Spain
Jan Akkerman – Back To The Factory [CBS] // Netherlands
Omar S – The Lost Albatross (Rosetta Hines Extended Mix) [FXHE Records] // US
Sherrick – Just Call (Hotline Mix) [Warner Bros Records] // UK
Maze ft. Frankie Beverly – Back In Stride [Capitol Records] // UK
Twilight – You’re In Love [Ross Records] // US
Jeff Feltz – Untitled
Johnny Guitar Watson – Superman Lover [DJM Records] // Netherlands
Billy Taylor – Mambo Inn [Prestige] // US
Sunlightsquare – Heart’s Desire [Sunlightsquare Records] // UK
Kraftwerk – Spacelab [Kling Klang] // Germany
Rahmlee – Down In Storyville [Compost Records] // Germany

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