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Tune in for an hour long mix from Japanese-Congolese musician Kiala Ogawa from Kodäma as she presents her inspirations via mixing ambient, soulful jazz, Japanese funk and Afrobeat.

This month Kiala has prepared a special mix of movie, anime and TV commercial soundtracks. She will take you for an hour of psychedelic, jazzy, soulful and electronic soundtracks with a great film composer who has inspired her since her childhood.

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Kenji Kawai – The flower of Puppets  [Beez Entertainment]

Geinoh Yamashirogumi- Kaneda [Milan Records]

Yazuaki Shimizu – Seiko 2 [Crammed Disc]

Ryuichi Sakamoto -Honneamisu no Tsubasa [ Midi Inc.]

Taeko Onuki & Ryuichi Sakamoto – A life [Commmons]

Joe Hisaishi & Kisshō Tenyo –  Sayoko and Ryou  [Lag Records]

Yuji Ohno – Romantic Againl  [Columbia]

Herbie Hancock – Death Wish [Columbia]

Hiroshi Takada – Kindaichi Kousuke [King Record]

Soil and Pimp Session  -Paraiso  [Victor Entertainment]

Prince – Batdance ( The Batmix)  [Warner Bros]

Roy Ayers – Coffy is the Color  [Polydor]

Yuji Ohne – Silhouette  [Columbia Records]

Miles Davis – Générique ( Ascensur Pour L’Échafaud) [ Columbia ]

Thundercat / Flying Lotus / Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Unrequited Love [ Brainfeeder Records ]

Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Doll’s Polyphony  [Milan Records ]

Masahiko Sato- TBSF [ Keepers Records ]

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Kiala Ogawa


Kiala Ogawa


Kiala Ogawa


Kiala Ogawa


Kiala Ogawa