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Kid Fonque with D-Malice


Kid Fonque showcases his musical discoveries from his home South Africa. Kid also interviews D-Malice about his label DM. Recordings that focuses on the sound of the deep afro tech scene from the motherland.

Listen now Tracklist

Daev Martian – Chasing [White Label]
Samthing Soweto – Just Ask Her Out To Lunch [White Label]
EMAMKAY – Happy Loner [Stay True Sounds]
FRQNT – Camel-Miles [Stay True Sounds]
Rkls – To The Rhythm (feat. Kev Brown & Melo B Jones) [R2 Records]
Sean Munnick – Week n Chill (Feat. Daev Martian) [Stay True Sounds]
FKA MASH & Tahir Jones – Siyobloma [White Label]
Dwson – Daffodil [Red Bull Studios]
Ntsakosoul – Feeling [Stay True Sounds]
Markus Wormstorm – Siona Runs (Card On Spokes Remix) [Shane Cooper Music]
Think Twice – Uyaganga [White Label]
Kid Fonque D Malice feat Khensy- Tshamiseka (Dwson Remix) [DM. Recordings]
Shamrock – Dancing Nation [Peng]
Jay Em – Too Much Room [White Label]
DJ Spen Presents DJ Technic – Gabryelle (D-Malice Refix) [BM Funky]

D-Malice //

104BPM – Disconnected, The Observer [DM. Recordings]
Fistaz Mixwell Voices (Blomzit Remix) [White Label]
Channel Collen ft Enoo Napa – Expression [Aluku Records]
K.O.D ft Omega – Themba (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Mix) [Seres Producoes]
Shimza – All Alone [Anx Music]
Calypso De Sir – From A Distance [DM. Recordings]

Kid Fonque //
Escapism Refuge – Savage Lust [Deep Heads]
Broken Transient – Smile [Stay True Sounds]
Card On Spokes – Stone Clouds [White Label]
FRINGE – Chester [White Label]
Fernando – Take Me To Shibuya [Stay True Sounds]