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Korea Takeover – Akimbo


Red Bull Music Academy alumni Akimbo is a creative powerhouse in Seoul where he runs the fledgling label, Tonal Unity. For this set he brought only tracks produced by himself and his label.

Listen now Tracklist

Akimbo – Flutework (unreleased)
Akimbo – Maleza (Frente Bolivarista
Akimbo – Flute Worship (Tonal Unity)
Akimbo – Big Drum Bang (soundcloud)
Akimbo – Irworobongdo (June-One Remix) (upcoming Tonal Unity)
Akimbo ft. San Yawn – Untitled (unreleased)
Akimbo – Tread Softly (upcoming 3rd Kultur)
El Buho – 금 Oro (upcoming Tonal Unity)
Akimbo – Ritual (Tonal Unity)
Akimbo – Garden Om (upcoming 3rd Kultur)
Akimbo – Three Heads (Tonal Unity)
Akimbo – Dedication to Alan Lomax (unreleased)
Akimbo – Strata (Tonal Unity)
Akimbo – Abmilak (unreleased)
Akimbo – Voyaj (upcoming 3rd Kultur)
Akimbo – Genesis (Telemachus Remix) (upcoming Tonal Unity)