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Korea Takeover – Miin


Red Bull Music Academy alumni MIIIN weaves disparate sounds into the backdrop for some dystopian future city. Her eclectic sets swerve though bass, grime, hip-hop, trance, and a host of experimental genres, yet continue to sound cohesive and purposeful.

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Lullaby – Yeong Wook Jo
Panda – Desiigner
Adentro Master 1 – LAO
Video dream – Philip Glass
Misceo – CYPHR & Kid Antoine
Love To Love You Baby – Donna Summer
Dolls’ Polyphony – Geinō Yamashirogumi
Case Type Classification – Kuedo
Stoner (Evian Christ Remix) – Young Thug
Rival Dealer – Burial
Front Load – Arca
Embaci – Frecuency (Imaabs Remix)
Satisfaction – Benny Benassi
Boundary Regulation – Kuedo
Frozen – Madonna
Disstopia – Nicolas Malinowsky & Tommy Kruise
Andro – Oneohtrix Point Never
Malvivientes en el Nosocomio – ORNAMENTI D’ORO
Gucci Mesa – WWWINGS
Tinase – Jeonghyun Lee
Lullaby – Yeong Wook Jo