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Korea Takeover – Otakhee


Otakhee is a rare breed in Korea, pressing vinyl for releases via Ironshop48. His set features many of his own techno productions, sitting happily alongside the likes of Omar S and Randomer.

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Otakhee – Incorrectness (Musimdang Collective)
Aepmah (aka Soriheda) – The Engravers’ Theme w/Georgia Anne Muldrow (Con Tempo)
Otakhee – Floating On (Ironshop48)
Otakhee – Inhale (Ironshop48)
Omar S – Track 8 (FXHE Records)
Otakhee – Famefake (Ironshop48)
Pacou – The Vault (Tresor)
Otakhee – Tenth (Ironshop48)
Randomer – Kids Play (L.I.E.S Records)
Otakhee – Uhhhh (Ironshop48)
Fulbert – Mae San (Cliche Records)
Otakhee – Love Your Soul (Ironshop48)
Otakhee – Raw Material (Ironshop48)
Urban Tribe – Program01 (Mahogani Music)
Theo Parrish – Dusty Cabinet (Sound Signature)
Otakhee – Psychedelic Weather w/MED (Ironshop48)