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Korea takeover – Sinqmin

With the release of his first single ‘Loose’, SINQMIN has started the next stage of his musical journey. A stalwart of the Korean DJ scene, he is now starting to focus on production and creating his own unique sound.

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SINQMIN – Loose (Feat. JIIN) (Modalcamp, Seoul)
Breaks & Interview (About Me)
Bruce – Steals (Hessle Audio, UK)
Cowboy Rhythmbox – Shake (Comeme, Germany)
Shlomi Aber – Way Old Story (Nonplus Records, UK)
Randomer – Concierge (Clone Records, Netherlands)
October & Borai – Necessary Force (Happy Skull, UK)
2000 and One – Power Clean (Bitten, Netherlands)
Cosmin TRG – In Your Body (Sportive, Germany)
Batu – Bleeper Feed (Livity Sound, UK)
Abdulla Rashim – A Shell Of Speed (Northern Electronics, Sweden)
UNKNOWN ARCHETYPE -Tripp (R&S Records, Belgium)
Dirty Basscore – 0815 (Credo, Germany)
D-Leria – Premonition (Rework) (Darknet, Australia)
Hexagon Son – Blipworx (Nonplus Records, UK)
Mumdance & Logos – Border Drone (Tectonic Recordings, UK)
Breaks & Interview (About Alter Ego Crew)
APACHI – (花样年华) In The Mood For Love (Alter Ego, Seoul)
GRAYE – Ajusly (Feat. CIFIKA) (Alter Ego, Seoul)
Xin Seha – 내일에 기대어 (Alter Ego, Seoul)
SINQMIN – Resentment (Alter Ego, Seoul)
June One Kim – Rave Before We Die (Alter Ego, Seoul)