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Krunk Kulture: Flavours of the East with MALFNKTION


Tune in for Flavours of the East on Worldwide FM presented by Krunk Kulture, a record label based in India. The show aims to showcase the most exciting electronic music coming out of India and the subcontinent.

Krunk Kulture is part of Krunk, one of India’s oldest running events and artist management agencies pushing electronic and live music in India since 2009.

This episode is hosted by MALFNKTION – Aditya Alamuru – one of India’s leading electronic beat makers from Bangalore. Sampling Indian films and musical instruments around an alternative Hip Hop framework has allowed Malfnktion to appeal to a growing audience in India and abroad.

In this two hour mix, Malfnktion curates recent releases by up and coming Indian producers and explores the sounds of South Asian electronic music, giving the listener a hypodermic immersion into contemporary beat culture and later breezing through notable records from around the world that usher the sounds of a new and exciting decade of dance music.

Listen now Tracklist

Showcase – 1st Hour

Akrti – Slow down [Krunk Kulture]

Harvey Harrison – Ovenhot [Nuage Records]

Malfnktion – blip [Synesthesia Media]

Malfnktion – Paro [Indeopendent]

Lapgan – Dont drink darling

Malfnktion & Raka Ashok – Muthamizh [RaajaBeats] [Independent]

Lapgan – My haveli is your haveli [Electrocaine]

Bhrdwj – Yakeen  [Independent]

Vedang – Mendikot (feat. EMF)  [Independent]

Malfnktion & Raka Ashok – Azhagiya [RaajaBeats] [Independent]

OAFF – Heavy headed (feat. Kayan)  [Independent]

Noni-Mouse – No sound part deux  [Independent]

Black Letters – Other side [Malfnktion edit] [Overfeed Records]

Udbhav – Waise bhi (feat. Ezzyland) [Teesri Duniya]

Baalti – Ustad [Krunk Kulture]

Three Oscillators & Dropped Out – Insomnia  [Independent]

Hollow. – Moonstone  [Independent]

Krameri – Sinking ships  [Independent]

Malfnktion & Daisuke Tanabe – Talk [Exit Records]

IO – Reject the order of creation [Krunk Kulture]

Malfnktion – 7 min server jam (unreleased)  [Independent]

Guest Mix – Second Hour

Rupa – Aaj Shanibar (RSS Disco’s Version) [Mireia Records]

Harvey Sutherland – Why look back? [Clarity Recordings]

East coast love affair – Don’t be afraid [Athens of the north]

Brijean – Moody [Ghostly International]

Talal Qureshi – LSD (feat. Samsher Rana) [Acha]

El Michels Affair – Murkit Gem (feat. Piya Malik) [Big Crown Records]

Nate08 – Hold Up [The Jazz Diaries]

Lee Mayjahs – Lucumi [Ospina Digital]

Uniile – What up [IIle Records]

Dan Kye – Mogeri [Rhythm Section International]

Lilocox – Greatness [Principe]

Lea & Muzikman – Songbird (feat. Tweety) [Atjazz Love Soul Remix]

Aroop Roy – Second Impression [The Jazz Diaries]

Chavinski – Rushin [Lobster Theremin]

DJ Lycox – Estrela [Principe]

PAV4N – KARMA (Yung.Raj & Nate08 Footy Flip) [4NCY]

Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 9 B1 [7th Storey Projects]

Caribombo – El Loco [Galletas Calientes]

Sun People – To give [Exit Records]

Moresounds – Positive yourself [Cosmic Bridge Records]

Malfnktion & Raka Ashok – Poongatru [Independent]

Les Mamans du Congo – Meki [Jarring Effects]