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Krunk Kulture: Flavours of the East with Yung.Raj


Tune in for Flavours of the East on Worldwide FM presented by Krunk Kulture, a record label based in India. The show aims to showcase the most exciting electronic music coming out of India and the subcontinent, hosted by Sohail Arora, the man behind the label and a full-time DJ – producer based in Mumbai.

Krunk Kulture is part of Krunk, one of India’s oldest running events and artist management agencies pushing electronic and live music in India since 2009. The first episode features a guest mix by Yung.Raj, a 22 year old producer and beatboxer based in Hyderabad, India.

Listen now Tracklist

Hour 1:

1. adL x kly – Vivid Drmz (Krunk Kulture)

2. Moebius – Neelam (Krunk Kulture)

3. Nikki Nair – Eating Flowers (Krunk Kulture)

4. Kris Correya – Broken Drive (Krunk Kulture)

5. IO – Reject the Order of Creation (Krunk Kulture)

6. Kayoti – Velocity (Krunk Kulture)

7. Daisuke Tanabe (Krunk Kulture)

8. Shantam – Grurch (Krunk Kulture)

9. SUCHI – Took a Minute (Krunk Kulture)

10. Derain – Dirt (Krunk Kulture)

11. MALFNKTION – Chala (Krunk Kulture)

12. Oceantied- Shadows (Krunk Kulture)

13. When I’m Human – Acension (Krunk Kulture)

14. Anonyms ft. Azamaan Hoyvoy (Krunk Kulture)

15. Chrms ft. Rae – Bone Soda (Independent)

16. Kreon x Lojal – Closure (Independent)

Hour 2: Yung.Raj Guest Mix


Yung.Raj – jazzcigarette

Yung.Raj – autopilot

Yung.Raj – sloride

Yung.Raj ft Kubid San – Treehab

Yung.Raj – Tears

Yung.Raj – Chase

Yung.Raj – summercruisin

Yung.Raj – walkindown

Yung.Raj – 3B078C.wav

NATE08 – Donuts

Yung.Raj – Strange

Kartik – Krnbreaf

Yung.Raj – hotbox

Yung.Raj – soulsearchin

Yung.Raj – nexttime

Antoje – CD-rom Encyclopedias

reid – seeingstars

devonwho – Honey

Yung.Raj – guava trees

phedee – hard2see

Yung.Raj – gunk

brijplease – pom pom

Yung.Raj ft Jammz – Time

Stain – Malik Ambar

Yung.Raj x NATE08 – Who Really Cares

Yung.Raj – Hot Rocks

Oceantied – Be Alright

Yung.Raj – Lokomotif

DJ Paypal – CoCo