Chet Baker – Alone Together [Jazz Images]
Terumasa Hino Sextet – Be And Know [Catalyst Records]
Dollar Brand – Black Lightning [The Sun]
Leroy Hudson – Getting It On [Curtom Records]
Heatwave – Mind Blowing Decisions [Telstar]
Ruba KPØ -Cyril [Unreleased]
Sango – Wake up (feat Isles & Dpat) [Soulection]
Rom – Free As A Bird [Soulection]
Tom Misch – Risk [Soulection]
StarRoSay it – [Soulection]
Sango – No One Else [Soulection]
Swell – I’m Sorry [White Label]
Mars – Today High Stakes [Soulection]
GoodFord – Jitwam [Unknown]
Toyascha – Conjuto Kori Cinta De Huancavelica [Tigers Milk Records]
Black Flower – Artifacts [Sdban Ultra]
Cor De Pavao (Victor Hugo) – Hvoor [Unknown]
Sergio Mendez – Magalenha (Jael Remix) [White Label]
Full Crate – Yeah [FXCM Music]
Lotso – Boogiewondaland [Unreleased]
Le Visiteur – Let the sunshine [Chopshop]
Elie Escobar – The Music [Razor N Tape]
Jael – Oye Como Va [Unknown]
Tanzania sound system – Ngono kijiji [Highlife]
Balaphonic – Three Strikes & out [Well Cut Records]
Fred Berthet – Addiction (Malcolm Remix)
Snow – Singularis [Soulection]
Sisters – Ruba KPØ [Unreleased]
Mop Mop Feat. Jackson Sloan – Perfect Day (Gerardo Frisina Remix) [Dejavu]
Llorca – Wordless Talking [F Communications]


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