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Le Mellotron: Anders


Weekly show with Le Mellotron, a Parisian radio station located in a bar in the bohemian Republique district.

This week is headed up by Le Mellotron crew, Anders.

Listen now Tracklist

Little Beaver – What The Blues is [Cat]
Peter Schiman – Lagerfeuer [Diggler Records]
Ramsey Lewis – Them Changes [Cadet Stereo]
Billy Cole – Mystic Mood [Drum and Bass]
Puccio Roelens – Slip Back [Schema]
Vels Trio – Godzilla
Push – Push (Zackarose Remix)
Feathered Sun – Keep It Warm [Platon Records]
Malouane – Akiwowo [Lagaffe]
Toli Femme & Namele – Sea Line
Cotonete Vs Dimitri from Paris – Parribean Disco
Omar – Vicky’s Tune (ft Robert Glasper & Ty)
Munk – Hot Medusa [Eureka]
Keellee Paterson – Turn On The Lights
Barbara Lynn – Make Me So Hot [Ichiban Records]
Char – Shinin’ You Shinin’ Day [Seesaw]
Sweet Thunder – Hotline (WMOT)
Dub Plate – Spooktober Edits – Lalomie’s Strangerness
Scy Gorman – Athi Athi (Featuring Sophia Davis)
Mala – Cusco Street Scene [Brownswood]

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