Lisbon Takeover

First broadcast date: 15 January 2017

Thris Tian heads to Lisbon for the weekend, bringing a very special broadcast from the Portuguese capital.

Rita Maia presents a show dedicated to the music from the African Portuguese speaking countries – Angola, Mozambique, Guine, Cape Verde and Sao Tome, where most of the music has been released in Lisbon from the 70’s Semba to the 90’s Hip Hop. Together they invite Lisbon based artists for a chat and some music.

Highlights include the world renowned master of Kora – Braima Galissa from Guine Bissau plays their first ever radio set.

Batida talks about his birth place in Angola and brings some 90’s Angolan Hip Hop

Celeste Mariposa brings music from the compilation they recently put together for Analog Africa “Space Echo” and goes through different genres from Lusophone countries.

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M sounds-93

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Os Apolos – Ilyne (La Do Si discos) // Portugal

Chalo Correia – Kudihohola (Celeste Mariposa Discos) // Portugal

Musangola – Trigolimpo (N’gola) // Angola

Tony de Fumo – N’Ginda (Lusafrica) // Angola

International Soleil Band – Ta Lassa (Hide & Smile Edit) (Soundway) // Guinea

Seun Kuti – Higher Consciousness (Simbad Dub) (unreleased) // Nigeria

BRAIMA GALISSA – Live Kora set (Guine Bissau)


Teta Lando – Angolano Segue Em Frente (CDA) // Angola

Teta Lando – Poto Poto – Barro (CDA)  // Angola

Conjunto Ngonguenha – Nós e Vóçês (Matarroa) // Angola

Conjunto Ngonguenha – É Dreda Ser Angolano (Matarroa) // Angola

Phay Grande- Gamela // Angola

Zuateno – unknown

Matadidi Mario – A Nossa Terra é Boa (CDA) // Angola

Matadidi Mario – Cafe (CDA) // Angola

Ikonoklasta – A Conspiração dos Moskitos Inofensivos (Matarroa) // Portugal

Turbantes – De Faia (Cdr) // Angola

EN – The Horn Ride / USL Remix (Kaos Records) // Portugal


Chalo Correia – Rumba da Madrugada (Celeste Mariposa Discos) // Portugal

Djumbai Djazz – Maio Coope – Sabi (unreleased and unmastered) // Portugal

Julinho da Concertina – Toma li toma lá Dub version (unreleased) // Portugal

Antonio Sanches – Pinta Manta (Edicao Taki Tala) // Cape Verde

Dionisio Maio – Dia Já Manché (Carlita cox) // Portugal

Jose Casimiro – Morti Sta Bidjâcu (Lefe discos) // Portugal

Tabanka Djaz – Fidalgundady // Portugal

Finançon – Nhu Ntony (CBS) // Netherlands

Mandala – ????????** // Mozambique

Mandala – ????????** // Mozambique

Sangazuza – Paulina (Arsom Records) // Portugal

Eduardo Paim – lNagibo // Portugal

Eduardo Paim – A minha Vizinha (Sons D’Africa) // Portugal

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