Lovefingers (ESP Institute)

First broadcast date: 6 February 2017

DJ and producer Lovefingers of is regularly billed as one of the top DJs in Los Angeles. He’s also the head honcho of New York based label ESP Institute, so naturally we had to invite him over to the studio to show us a thing or two.

He’ll be playing a mix of ESP artists and influences from the past present and future, including a few exclusive pieces forthcoming on ESP Institute including Bartellow, Benedikt Frey, Thunder Tillman and Tobar.

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John Forde – Atlantis [EMI] // UK
Armonium – Mescaleros [EMI] // UK
Rocky Cabbage – A Cause du Pop [Barclay] // France
Peppermint 2 – Fafe-Ya (O Celui-La) [Philips] // Netherlands
Suan – Flash [Elektra] // US
The Black Baron – Small Mistress [EMI] // UK
Lion – Got A Woman (Abel Edit) [ESP Institute] // US
Vytas Brenner – Gavilan [Gaviland] // Venezuela
Family Fodder – Warm [Parole Records] // Australia
Savant – Stationary Dance [Palace Of Lights] // US
Juicy Lucy – Are You Satisfied [ATCO] // US
Carrie Cleveland – Love Will Set You Free [LateNightTales] // UK
Jim – The Voyage
Thunder Tillman – Snake Charmers Union [ESP Institute] // US
Benedikt Frey feat. TCB – Cupid’s Delight [ESP Institute] // US
DJ Ground – Untitled [forthcoming ESP Institute] // US
Damien Lynch – Forced Relax [ESP Institute] // US
Toby Tobias – Right Turn To Nowhere [forthcoming ESP Institute] // US
Damien Lynch – I luv tears T3 [forthcoming ESP Institute] // US
Mister Ho & Heap – Gis Gis [ESP Institute] // US
Lord Of The Isles – Offline [ESP Institute] // US

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