Drummers Inc: Malcolm Catto w/ Maxwell Pastor (Diggers Dozen) // 11-04-17

First broadcast date: 11 April 2017

Drummers Inc. is a weekly series, giving our favourite drummers a platform to showcase their favourite rhythms.

Malcolm Catto is a producer and drummer for the London experimental psych jazz band the Heliocentrics and has worked on an impressive list of high profile projects including Madlib, DJ Shadow and Connie Price and the Keystones. He presents two hours of his influences.

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Kill Your Mother – Ill Behaviour [80 Aum Records] // Netherlands

Malcom Catto – Rock. [Mowax] // UK

Corruption – Untitled [Not on Label] // UK

Seven.L and Esoteric – Touch the Mic [Brick Records] // USA

Pharoah Sanders – Rejoice [Theresa Records] // USA

Jorge Dalto – I’ve Got You On My Mind [United Artists Records] // Argentina

Ian Carr’s Nucleus – Roots [Vertigo] // UK

Pharoah Sanders – Astral Travelling [Impulse!] // USA

Gabor Szabo – Bacchanal [Skye] // Hungary

Voice of the Seven Woods – Sayat Nova [Twisted Nerve] // UK

Omar Khorshid – Guitare El Chark [MFP] // Libya

Las Grecas – Te Estoy Amando Locamente [CBS] // Spain  

Focus – Can’t Believe My Eyes [EMI] // Netherlands

Ennio Morricone – Eat It [Cinedelic Records] // Italy

Danielle Patucci – La Dimo Strzione [CAM] // Italy

Mr. Chop – Trip Through The Water Door [Jazz&Milk Recordings] // UK

Gaslamp Killer feat. MMR & Malcolm Catto – Gammalaser Kill [Cuss Records] // USA

The Heliocentrics – The Silverback [Soundway] // UK

Serge Gainsbourg – La Horse [Hortensia] // France

Bun Hunga & His Combo – Diplomatic Fingers [Diresa] // Netherlands

Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – Stars and Rockets [Polydor] // Germany

Nu E Injoseala – Renato Din Salaj & Ion Din Dorobanai [Future Nuggets] // Albania

The Glass Family – Agorn [Warner Bros.] // USA

Embryo – A Place to Go [Brain] // Germany

Broadcast – Pendulum [Warp Records] // UK

Bruno Nicolai – Circle [Finders Keepers Records] // Italy

Cochius – Indianenmars [Klaverland] // Netherlands

Noise & Paradox – Last Night on Earth [NINEBARecords] // UK

James Asher – Heavy Train [Studio G] // UK

Goblin – Snip Snap [Cinevox] // Italy

Agua de Regaliz – Waiting in The Munster’s Garden [Diábolo] // Spain

Junior Byles – Fever [Heartbeat] // Jamaica

Claudette et Ti Pierre – Zanmi Kanmarad [Ibo International] //  Unknown

e Dalto – I’ve Got You On My Mind [United Artists Records] // Argentina

Ian Carr’s Nucleus – Roots [Vertigo] // UK

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