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MARINA with Lester St Louis


MARINA is a creative producer, DJ and Brownswood label assistant based in London.

She is joined by Lester St Louis, a composer, cellist, and curator from Brooklyn, New York.

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Lester St Louis – First Inn Version [Anticausal Systems]
Lester St Louis – Affeffects [Anticausal Systems]
Frank Ocean – Skyline To [XL Recordings]
Robin Eubanks & EB3 – Pentacourse [Now Forward Music]
Erin Gee – Mouthpiece 10 [Unknown]
Freddie Hubbard – The Intrepid Fox [Epic]
Autechre – M39 Diffain [Warp Records]
Lester St Louis – Unreleased [Unreleased]

Lester St Louis Live Recording//
Improvised session

Lestser St Louis – Para Believe [Anticausal Systems]
Lester St Louis – Apostrophe 1 [Anticausal Systems]