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Match&Fuse: Best of 2017


For the festive period, a selection of Worldwide FM hosts curate their top tracks from 2017.

For this edition we have Debra from Match&Fuse, a festival powered by the energy of the European underground.

Listen now Tracklist

Lucia Cadotsch – Slow Hot Wind [Enja/Yellowbird]
LabTrio – Elevator [Outnote Records]
Ingrid Lukas – The Game [Ronin Rhythm Records]
J=J – Couple [Lado ABC]
EvenSanne – I’m Nobody [Berthold Records]
Skrap – Kyoto, Melkeveien [+3db]
Snowpoet – Mermaid (Jeevan Rai rework) [Two Rivers Records]
De Beren Gieren – Broensgebuzze 10 [Sdban Records]
Dinosaur – Underdog [Edition Records]
OY – A New Planet is Born [Crammed Discs]
Klaus Johann Grobe – Les Grecks [Trouble In Mind]
Iokoi – Lost [-Ous]
Plaistow – Pan [Bandcamp]
Tobias Preisig – Immortal [promo]
Leila Martial – Chiaroscuro [Laborie Jazz]
Water Boogie System – But Why [Havtorn Records]
Binker & Moses – The Valley of the Ultra Blacks [Gearbox records]
Julie Kjaer 3 – Face [Clean Feed Records]
Zara McFarlane – Stoke the Fire [Brownswood Recordings]
Empty Taxi – Eskimo [self-released]
Bitch ‘n’ Monk – Apocalyptic Fantasies [Lotus Arts Box]
Snap! – Bras [Carton Records]
Comet is Coming – Final Eclipse [Leaf]
Zoe McPherson – Sabotage Story (unknot opening) [Promo]
Tim & Puma Mimi ft Iokoi – I Feel Sleepy [Mouthwatering Records]
Hilde Marie Holsen: Ask [Hubro]
The Great Harry Hillman – The New Fragrance [Cuneiform Records]
Yilian Cañizares – Non Je Ne Regrette Rien [Naïve]
Francis Lai feat. Nicole Croisille – Aujourd’hui C’est Toi [United Artists]
Lucia Cadotsch – Deep Song (Dan Nicholls version) [Enja/Yellowbird]
Nikki Yeoh – Perfectidd [Infinitum Records]
Nina Simone – Do What You Gotta Do [RCA]