First broadcast date: 8 January 2018

Minou (Julia Kisray) is Digital Editor and Project Manager at Boiler Room, as well as former Executive Editor for Stamp The Wax — and a nerd for all things music. In this four-part series, she takes you through some of electronic music’s finest movements.

This month, Minou tracks the sound of IDM through the ages.

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Beaumont Hannant – Utuba [GPR]
LFO – Track 4 [Warp Records]
Autechre – Crystel [Warp Records]
Speedy J – R2D2 [Plus 8 Records]
Aphex Twin – Analog Bubblebath [Mighty Force Records]
Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv [Warp Records]
Plaid – Last Remembered thing [Warp Records]
Abfahrt Hinwil – Tech 7 [Toytronic]
B12 – Magnetic Fields [Disques Dreyfus]
A1 People – Do It (Metamatics Remix) [Hydrogen Dukebox]
Aphex Twin – XMAS_EVET10 (Thanaton3 Mix) [Warp Records]
Objekt – Ganzfeld [Leisure System]
Plaid – Clock [Warp Records]
Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence [Whities]
Trypheme – Labyintique [Central Processing Unit]

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