First broadcast date: 12 February 2018

Minou (Julia Kisray) is Digital Editor and Project Manager at Boiler Room, as well as the former Executive Editor for Stamp The Wax — and a nerd for all things music. In this four-part series, she takes you through some of electronic music’s finest movements.

This month, Minou explores euphoria – classic trance, dub techno, breaks and drum workouts.

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Speedy J – Pepper [Warp Records]
R-2001 – Your Touch [Fruittree Records]
Time Modern – Klangdynamische Bewegung [BOY Records]
Lhasa – The Attic [Music Man Records]
Insider – Boots On The Run [Bonzai Records UK]
Da Hool – Bora Bora [Manifesto]
Speedy J – The Oil Zone [Beam Me Up!]
Liaisons D – He Chilled Out (Remix) [Logic Records]
Saint Etienne – Pale Movie (Stentonian Dub) [Heavenly]
The Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (New Age Remix) [DiKi Records]
Elements Of Life – Dark Intervals [OMW]
Shackleton – Closeness To Nature [Fabric]
Subliminal Cuts – Le Voie Le Soleil [XL Recordings]
O.utlier – Eastbound [Naïf]
Ribo – Rhythmic Trip [ACKT]
Gamma Intel – Post Factum [Brokntoys]

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